Air Asia Dhaka Office is located at Banani, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Travel Deals Bangladesh,  is the authorized and most trusted Air Asia Sales office in Dhaka. Air Asia is popular as a low costing aircraft. Two letter IATA code is AK. Principle center point is Kuala Lumpur International Airport. The optional center point is Kota Kinabalu International Airport. Central command is Sepang, Selangor, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Travel Deals Bangladesh, is the authorised Sales office in Dhaka. Air Arabia Bangladesh is one of the popular airlines in Bangladesh. It has gained the reputation of a low-cost airline. The IATA airline code is G9.  Air Arabia an airline of low-cost which made its head office in the A1 Building Sharjah Freight Center, Sharjah International Airport, in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.

There are a lot of Travel Agents selling the Air Asia Dhaka Office in the Bangladesh market. For a cheaper price and standard quality service you may contact the sales office only, here is our choice for cheap price air ticket purchase:

Travel Deals Bangladesh,

Happy Arcadia Shopping Mall,

2nd Floor, suite:#34, Holding:#03,

Road:#03, Dhaka 1205

Mobile and What’s app: 01765295699

Email:  traveldealsbd.111@gmail.com

Call for Air Ticket: +88 01765295699

Air Asia Ticket Office Chattogram, Bangladesh

Air Asia Related Website –  airasiatickets.com, airasiaoffice.comairasiadhaka.com  Airasiadhakaoffice.com, air-asia.com.bd

It’s an authorised sales office, which opens from 10.00 am to 8.00 pm (7 days)


Destinations of AirAsia Sales Office Dhaka Bangladesh

The airline operates more than 165 destinations in 25 countries around the world. This is up to 251 craft. Airlines are expanding their international destination airlines. They are shopping for a new craft to broaden their service as they decide to expand. In line with their expansion plans, they have agreed to expand additional routes to Asia and Europe.


AirAsia History and Major Events

Firstly, AirAsia supported it in fifth place and began operations on November 1st. However, in the Gregorian calendar, Tony Fernandez’s company, former governor of the deadly Brain Airlines Time Warner, bought the ringtone token quantity of Toon AirSDN Cupid. Fernandes made a seductive change in 2002 and replaced KL Eli from its center, stepping down from multiple positions at the former Asian Airlines airline.

In 2003, AirAsia opened a second center at the International Aerodrome in Johor Bahru, near Singapore. And, it is the primary international craft operated by the bank. Thus, AirAsia has launched a Thai subsidiary, putting Singapore on its destination list and establishing a plane to Indonesia. Macau’s aircraft started in the seventeenth Gregorian calendar, and aircraft began in the Gregorian calendar month in an Asian country and the Philippines. Also, flights to Vietnam and Cambodia Kingdom 2D and Brunei and Asian countries.

Nevertheless, AirAsia has entirely recalled it after being involved with the airline’s choice of the motto, “Everyone will fly now.” In Asian countries, AirAsia is the second most robust national airline. Also, it was one of the primary affordable and ticket-less aircraft in the Southeast Asian region. It is based in the Kuala Lumpur International Aerodrome (KLIA) Affordable Carrier Terminal (LCCT). And, AirAsia Silanagar’s pedaling Gaia and its headquarters surround the KLIA square measure in Selangor.

What’s more, AirAsia is one of the top leading businesses that fully embraces value leadership through operations management skills and experience. AirAsia has become one of the world’s leading airlines, breaking the rules of fast travel. Additionally, AirAsia includes a route network that extends to more than twenty countries; So it is building the vision for affordable aviation through innovative solutions, other economic processes, and business-friendly approaches.

Secondly, AirAsia’s vision is to serve Asia’s largest high-cost airlines and three billion people, currently, squarely measure with connections and better fares. The class counts four missions, such as AirAsia, which considers this square measure to be part of a large family of the most efficient employees within the firm, flies with WorldAsia to take care of globally recognized associates, ensuring minimum prices AirAsia Business Services. The cost of the service is second. Increasing its range requires the best person.

Finally, AirAsia has affordable aircraft with affiliated corporations such as Asia, Thai AirAsia, and Indonesia AirAsia. AirAsia XK 2007-in {Supply as a Point-to-Point Network for Long-Distance Businesses to Supply-Producing High-Frequency Logistics. Ability to provide fountains while maintaining a network of affordable airports and affordable routes. Therefore, guests can still save on AirAsia guests and earn lower fares. Furthermore, AirAsia AX AirAsia is the brand, Asia’s largest cheap carrier that uses standard ticketing websites, uniforms, uniforms, and management designs with AirAsia. Together AirAsia X belongs to the Virgin Cluster and Air Canada.


About AirAsia Dhaka Sales Office bd

AirAsia Malaysia can be a cheap, expensive airport, and its headquarters are set in the Malaysian capital. The airline operates more than 167 flights to Kuala Lumpur International Airdrome (KLI) in Spean, Malaysia, and Malaysia is considered the central hub of its size and destination.

AirAsia was supported in 205 and started in November, and became a free enterprise to the public. The safety of riders can be a high priority for them, so they believe that human life’s responsibility is in their hands, which is essential for every little thing that protects them. They prepare their staff with superior training. They target Asia’s largest low-cost airlines so that everyone can fly. Their goal is to provide the best quality products and increase their service level should make their customers feel welcomed and welcomed while traveling.


What is AirAsia?

AirAsia is a Malaysian low-cost airline, with the capital being Malaysia’s capital. It is Malaysia’s largest airline in terms of size and destination. AirAsia Cluster operates domestic and international flights to more than 165 destinations across 25 countries. Its central hub is Clear Two, a low-cost carrier terminal in Selangor, the national capital of Malaysia, the International Airport (KLIA). Its subsidiaries are Thai AirAsia, Indonesia AirAsia, Philippine AirAsia, and AirAsia India, Don Muong International Airport, Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, Nino Akin International Airport, and Kempeguda International Airport and its sister airline, Airline. The tail is thick. AirAsia’s registered office is located at Pedaling Gardens in Selangor, and its headquarters are located at Kuala Lumpur International Airport.


Air Asia Ticket Office in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Travel Deals Bangladesh is the authorised Sales office in Dhaka. Air Asia Bangladesh is one of the popular airlines in Bangladesh. But you can buy your ticket from any travel agent. For cheap air tickets and quality standard service, you go with our recommendations.

Air Asia Ticket Office Dhaka, Bangladesh


Airlines GSA or PSA never offer discounted ticket prices due to policy. Travel agents can give you cheaper than airlines. Because travel agents can sell an air ticket with less commission or profit margin. Purchasing travel services like; Air tickets or hotel booking has been greatly simplified by online reservation services. Travellers can compare prices and routes on various airlines using online booking sites and make reservations with just a few mouse clicks. Before buying an air ticket, you could read our article: “How To Buy Air tickets“. This article will help you to save your travel money.

The travel search engine that allows users to compare airlines and hotel prices and offers, specialising in low-cost. Before buying a travel service comparing cost is wise tactics that help to save money. To use these tactics you may download our Travel APPS. By these APPS you can compare hotels and airfare deals from thousands of airlines and travel agencies. Click on image to download Travel APPS.


The airline provides delicious foods for the passenger on flights. If the passengers want to buy their preferred foods or drinks with their own money, they can’t here. But, the passengers can pre-booking their meals by AirAsia online booking system.

Onboard, AirAsia has opened an option for the traveller to buy important and likeable things for their self or close persons. They can buy skin products, jewellery, gifts, dress, and different types of things. They can also choose their seat when they check-in.

To make the journey more interesting, passengers are provided with the latest technology personal table where various types of new and old movies, songs are loaded. AirAsia had made a global loyalty program for the travellers named as BIG. In spite of keeping the low price, the airline has kept an option to get free tickets. For collecting the free tickets, passengers have to earn points with every booking and can use it for free tickets as a member. It has also many opportunities such as booking, discounts, special offers, and also baggage allowance to the customers. Online check-in service saves the customers time to stand in a long line for tickets or any other services. The online service is very quick and Reliable process.

Clear trip has made another way of booking the tickets easily. One can easily book one’s ticket by seating on the sofa. One can also check one’s PNR status through this online service. Not only this, but these services also help ones to know the latest update about the flights, discounts, announcements, new routes, and much more.



How to do Online Check-in:

However, on-line arrival is that the process in that passengers ensure their presence on a flight via the net and generally print their own boarding passes.

But looking at the carrier and also the specific flight, passengers may additionally enter details like meal choices and baggage quantities and choose their most well-liked seating.

Check-in is accessible from one to thirty hours before the regular departure of domestic flights
Besides, Use their mobile web site or new mobile app to arrive and find your e-boarding pass.
Check-in online and print your pass or get a voucher to be changed for your pass on the field.

Find Reservation:

Before you Fly, please check your Air Ticket and make sure is your ticket is confirmed! But If you wish to view the details of your reservation, However, Please enter the reservation reference or PNR and your last name of yours from the reservation. After submitting information you may view and save your reservation. Then Book add-ons and change flight and Enter booking Reference and First and the Last name. Besides, Ensure that your name format is the same as entering your booking.


If there is any problem/complaint with reaching the Air Asia Dhaka office address or phone number Please report any issues using the below comment form.

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